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Welcome to Jellybean Park, a leading provider of early childhood education in Vancouver.

Our proven independent learning program is designed to enhance your child’s early development through customized educational curriculums and fun interactive play.

Our program has taken the best there is in the field of early childhood education and presented it in a way that entertains as well as educates. Our exclusive Prodigy Child© Program provides the essential one-on-one attention your little one deserves, while also creating an exciting and safe environment for them to explore.

Through the fundamentals of praise, encouragement and love, Jellybean Park teaches children to think creatively, cooperate with others and build their self confidence.

We introduce learning to your child as a magical and joyful adventure that captures their attention and sparks their imagination of endless possibilities. By pairing academic curriculum with interactive play, Jellybean Park enhances your child’s development in all areas while building positive confident attitudes that encourage student leadership and personal accomplishment.

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Read more about the benefits of early learning in this independent report released by TD Bank.


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Invitation to Play: Outdoors

We love to set up different kinds of invitation to play (See previous blog post here) and provocations. With spring upon us, we have been more focused on doing these provocations outside. At our different locations we have two beautiful playgrounds as our parents know (a Castle and a Fire Truck) and while we still appreciate the time the children get to run freely
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String Painted Swirling Gas Giant Planets

We did this fabulous art activity when we learnt about the gas giant planets of our solar system.  Jupiter and Saturn are the largest planets in the solar system and are known for the swirling clouds of dust, rock, and ice that surround them creating beautiful swirls of colours on their surface. We wanted to explore this more with the children in a follow
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Lava Slime Dinosaur Sensory Activity

This activity was more popular with the kids than we ever imagined. It’s DINOSAUR month at the Langley Campus, which is always a crowd pleaser with the kids. Part of the material we teach are the extinction theories (by volcano, meteors, or ice age) and as part of one of our circles we did erupted a volcano using baking soda and vinegar. The kids
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