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Welcome to Jellybean Park, a leading provider of early childhood education in Vancouver.

Our proven independent learning program is designed to enhance your child’s early development through customized educational curriculums and fun interactive play.

Our program has taken the best there is in the field of early childhood education and presented it in a way that entertains as well as educates. Our exclusive Prodigy Child© Program provides the essential one-on-one attention your little one deserves, while also creating an exciting and safe environment for them to explore.

Through the fundamentals of praise, encouragement and love, Jellybean Park teaches children to think creatively, cooperate with others and build their self confidence.

We introduce learning to your child as a magical and joyful adventure that captures their attention and sparks their imagination of endless possibilities. By pairing academic curriculum with interactive play, Jellybean Park enhances your child’s development in all areas while building positive confident attitudes that encourage student leadership and personal accomplishment.

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Read more about the benefits of early learning in this independent report released by TD Bank.

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Encouraging Kids

Sometimes we are quick to fall back on ‘positive first responses’ for almost anything without taking the opportunity to explain or encourage real displays of help-fullness and jobs well done. Picklebums recently posted some good alternatives to the fallback saying of “Good Job!” 25 Alternatives to “Good Job” Say thank you when you mean it – explain why you are grateful for your child’s
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Jell-o Ocean Light Table

This is a great and easy activity for an Under the Sea theme that the children at Jellybean Park LOVED! It is a small world ocean on a light table using Jell-o as the ‘sea water’. Materials: Small Plastic Ocean Creatures, Coral, Divers Plastic Seaweed (We find TOOBs are an easy way to get figurines for a variety of small worlds, find here) Light Table
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Environment as a Third Teacher

The environment of a child acts as the third teacher. This is an idea we strongly agree with at Jellybean Park by creating an atmosphere that enhance the learning experience with the centre décor, theme materials, and integrating new environments such as using the outdoors or going on field-trips. While we are creating the environment we are very careful and thoughtful on how it reflects
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